Saturday, 2 May 2015

GALT Review - Ambi Toys (Lock A Block)

I am so excited to announce that were a Ambi Ambassador, every month myself and Ellie will be testing and reviewing some of Galt's amazing products. Galt produces and sells quality toys which meet the needs of all stages of child development from 0-10 years.
Galt products are designed to be fun and to encourage learning through play. Traditionally the company is associated with art, craft and activity products. In more recent years Galt has established a name for itself in the First Years category with the innovative Playnest. They have a toy that will suit any child's age which is perfect because they grow out of toys so quickly! 

They have several ranges of toys/products such as:
Arts & Crafts
Travel Sets

The range I will be testing out over the next couple of months is the AMBI range,the toys in this range are perfect for 9 months plus! They are so colourful and will keep them entertained but also great for there development and skills.

The first toy we tested out was the LOCK A BLOCK, I chose this toy because Ellie is loving sorting and solving situations at the moment! She loves the fact that she can sort what shapes go where and gets so happy when she can complete the block! 

 This strong lockable box comes with two sets of three-dimensional sorting block, and also has a key attached which Ellie loves turning to lock and unlock the block. She was so excited to play with this toy and kept her occupied for ages! This toy retails for £12.99 which I think is a decent price as it comes with plenty of shapes and also has a bonus of a key! It's suitable for 12months to 18months onwards which fits Ellie's category perfectly. 

The smile on her face is just priceless when she solves what shape goes where and I know this toy will be loved and well used in the future! Check out what other products are in the AMBI range here:


Lots of Love
Katie x


  1. Aw she looks like she really likes that toy. Lovely review! X

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