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Monday, 16 October 2017


You all know, I am a massive fan of Disney! I couldn't help myself and wanted to share with you all the new range of Disney blinds Velux have, they are so cute & the kids will love them! 
Not only are they beautiful but they are also blackout so you can create the perfect sleeping space for your little one, especially nap times! They have lots of Disney choice from:

  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Mickey & Winnie
  • Bambi
  • Planes
  • Princesses 
I know I don't have slopping roofs so unfortunately I can't use these blinds, but I know many people have these and find it hard to find kids blinds, so thats why I wanted to share. 

Each VELUX & Disney Dream Collection blackout blind design is unique and tailored specifically to the size and shape of the window. They are easy to install, and have no harmful chemicals which is perfect for a nursery or Childs bedroom. 

You can find the full range of blinds here: https://www.veluxblindsdirect.co.uk/product/velux-blinds/the-disney-and-velux-dream-collection. The Velux website is very easy to use, just select the theme of blind you want, select the window type/size you have & you can even select the level of transparency you would like.

Let me know what design is your favourite, mine has to be the princess theme, Ellie would absolutely love it. 

Thanks for reading
Katie x

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Izziwotnot Solo Hanging Rail Review

The lovely people at Izziwotnot sent a beautiful hanging rail for Ellie bedroom, we have worked with this brand in the past and are one of my favourites when it comes to nursery/bedroom interior. I have been changing Ellie's room around for the past couple of weeks & trying to make it more grown up for her as she's now 3 years of age, its about time even though I still want her to be my little baby! The theme I'm going for is a princess/ballerina/fairytale room, & I'm still waiting on a few more finishing touches such as a wall art decal and a bedside table. 

Ellie is obsessed with dressing up dresses, she has over 10 and yes I'm slightly jealous of her ever growing dress collection. At first I had no where to store/hang them, they was on her bedroom door and was always getting knocked off the handle and it just looked messy. Then I found the perfect solution, this amazing hanging rail! Not only does it look so cute, but its a great way to display all of her dresses. It also has room for dressing up shoes at the bottom or bags, it really does complete her room and makes it so more grown up. 

Every morning Ellie wakes up and goes over to her rail to pick a dress out, it makes her so happy to see them all on there hangers, she calls it her 'princess rail'. I choose the white as it goes with her room more & I'm not a massive over the top Pink fan so the white looks classic. But it also comes in so many colours such as: Red, Grey, Pink, Blue. As its toddler size it makes it so much easier for Ellie to hang her clothes up, which encourages her to help with tiding up time. Its so solid and sturdy for a luxury finish, & was so easy to assemble. 

Izzitownot have kindly offered a 20% off everything on their site to my viewers (excluding already discounted items) The discount code is: Solo 20 

Definitely check out their gorgeous nursery furniture sets and interiors, the quality is amazing and is on the luxury side!

Check out Ellie's updated room tour featuring Izziwotnot : )

Monday, 20 February 2017

Dads Who Play Barbie!

We was so excited when Mattel contacted us to be a part of their 'Dads Who Play Barbie' campaign! Inside the surprise box contained four barbie dolls 'The Vet' 'The Soccer Player' 'Pop Star' & The 'Hairstylist' these are the new 2017 dolls. Ellie was super thrilled with her new goodies that she has for her ever growing Barbie collection. 

Paul and Ellie always have special play times during the week as I think its important for them both which creates a lovely bond. These barbies are from the 'Career' range, which is helping Ellie in role play as she's noticing different roles such as doctors, baker, police officer etc.. When playing with the Barbies they both used their imagination with each of the different Barbies, she especially loves 'The Vet' a she love animal and thats what she wants to be when she's older. 

The campaign is supported by global research finding that strong male advocates empower girls, and that two thirds of UK Dads believe that joining in their daughter’s playtime helps build their self-confidence.

We noticed that one of the Barbies 'Pop Star' was more curvier in shape, which I think is brilliant that Barbie are introducing new shape/sizes of the dolls to show girls that everyone has their own unique body. As Ellie is only three she didn't really notice the difference in body sizes as she's too young to really.

Paul felt more comfortable playing with the 'Career' range reither than the classic girly barbie. Even though Ellie is still at a really young age, she has grasped the concept of different types of job roles and loves making up her own little stories with each of the dolls.

The other aspect of this campaign is obviously how we as dads engage in playing with our daughters. To that end they have a promotional video, with what they say are real dads, playing Barbie with their daughters.

Overall these are a big hit with both Daddy & Daughter, and has built Ellie's confidence and expanded her mind and imagination. 

 We were provided with these dolls by Mattel for the purposes of engaging with the #DadsWhoPlayBarbie campaign. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Top 10 Travel Must Haves!

Hello lovelies, today I was dreaming about summer and looking at all my travel videos on my channel! Which got me thinking, why don't I create a Moodboard with my 'Top 10 Travel Must Haves' to be honest they are more like 'Wish List & Must Haves' but a girl can dream.... We love to travel and have experienced a few adventures last year, I have learnt a lot since having travelled with Ellie, like the essentials baby wipes,tissues, spare clothes etc.. But these are mummy & toddler wish list for travel! Hope you enjoy <3 x

From Left To Right (TOP ROW) 

1. Stroller/Buggy - 

A must have for babies & toddlers! Even though Ellie is now three years old, she can be quite lazy at times and in the heat it can be a little tiring for her. My favourite stroller for traveling has got to be the 'My Babiie MB51' because it has an amazing extendable hood great for the sun or rain! It has has a large basket so you can chuck your beach towels, bags in there, its super comfy and padded for Ellie. But most of all its very sturdy, it holds so many things on it, swim bag, shopping, changing bags everything and never got damaged on our holidays. 


Ellie absolutely loves her Trunki, she has the 'Ladybird' print, how cute is this 'Unicorn' design though!? Its not only somewhere to store toys, clothes,nappies but it also allows your child to sit and ride on it as well, genius idea and keeps them entertained at the airport. 

3.Beats Headphones

These are a definite wish list product, I love the 'Rose Gold' and the quality is just incredible on these. They would be perfect for when I edit my videos on the plane and hotel but also to listen to music. My brother has a pair of these, as he is a music producer and says they are the best headphones on the market

4.Munchkin Snack & Drink Pot 

This little gadget is amazing! It screws onto any stroller, car seat and allows your child to reach for their drink or snack whenever they like, which makes them more independent and does leave any mess either. This was so handy on trips and when we went to the Disney parks, I would just top up the snack pot with fruit etc... 

5.Kate Spade Laptop Bag

I can actually say, this isn't a wish, I already have it! I treated myself on my honeymoon when we was in the Kate Spade Outlet which WOW is heaven and spent a couple of hours in there! I always wanted a good quality laptop bag, as I am terrified of damaging my MacBook when traveling. 

6.Busyb Travel Wallet 

This wallet is my best friend when I travel, it keeps everything organised which is really important to me! It holds money, cards, passports, ID, travel documents etc.. It fits into my backpack and anything I need such as boarding passes I just grab the wallet and its all in there, no more searching around in the bag in a hurry trying to find things! 

7.Kaftan/Cover Ups

How beautiful is this white kaftan from River Island, I love how sheer it is so you can still see your bikini/swim suit but still feel covered up at the same time! I have days on holiday where I want to hid my 'Mum Bod' and these are perfect for that. https://www.riverisland.com/

8.Ted Baker Suitcase

My dream suitcase, I just love Ted Bakers prints especially this beautiful mint one with the rose gold wheels! Very expensive but I think its a great investment if you travel a lot. 

9. Playsuits 

My go-to outfits when on holiday! I love how comfortable these are, they are so easy to wear and still allow air to your body. I wear them all the time usually floral and bold prints they are my favourite in the sunshine! This one is from 'River Island' love there summer clothing. https://www.riverisland.com/

10.Pool Float 

Of course you have to have a float for the pool/beach, these are so much fun for both adults & kids and great for photos too! I love the 'Doughnuts' & 'Flamingo' floats the best! 

So there are my Top Ten Travel Must Haves,  Let me know your must haves as I am obsessed with anything holiday! 

Heres a few of our favourite memories from our holidays/adventures :-)

Lots of Love
Katie x 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Bluestone Wales Review

I literally have holiday blues, we are back from a little trip to Bluestone Wales & we are all feeling a little sad :( 

Bluestone kindly invited us to stay at their resort in Wales Monday-Friday, we was so excited when we got the email and of course accepted! They offered us a Midweek stay in a Cadley Lodge which we was extremely grateful for, we couldn't recommend this place enough its the perfect family getaway holiday!

It was around a 4 hour drive to Wales, which was surprising very pleasant. Ellie was amazing as always, she's such a good traveler, we are very lucky! A couple of hours in the car with sing alongs, lots of coffee and snacks we arrived to Bluestone. One thing I loved was the 'Drive thru' check in, AMAZING! No need to get out of your car, just drive to the window and collect the keys for the accommodation. We couldn't check in till 4:30pm so we parked the car and went for a little walk around the resort to pass some time. 4:30pm came and we drove to the lodge, I was so happy with our little lodge it was perfect for us and could of easily lived there. It was so clean, modern, open plan & cosy! Had everything you could possibly need for children and also was well equipped, definitely a 10/10 from us. Some things we loved about our lodge:
  • Dishwasher
  • Highchair/Travel cot
  • Amazing views
  • Outdoor Seating/Eating Area 
  • Porch (For muddy boots)
  • Gorgeous modern bathroom
  • Tv with a DVD player
  • Comfy Beds
  • Starter Pack included (Bin bags,dishwasher tablets etc)
The lodge we stayed in was a Cadley Lodge,but there are other lodges available if you have a larger family/group!

The grounds itself was stunning, it was so peaceful and loved seeing all the wildlife! Ellie was especially excited about the bunnies and birds she saw. On the resort their is a little village with a few restaurants,shops & a spa, which is so handy as you haven't got to drive out of the site unless you wanted to. We had a dinner at the Farmhouse Grill,Oak Tree & The Knights Tafarn, which was beautiful and responsibly priced. The coffee shop 'TY COFFI' had to be my favourite, it was beautifully decorated, felt so relaxed and could really unwind with a yummy Latte & cake, they also done Babychinno's too which was a big hit from Ellie! 
You can also hire golf buggies for your stay,  which we didn't do, but if we come back next time will definitely do as their was lot of walking which I didn't mind but having a toddler/lazy child would of been ideal hehe. 

Light Show

During our stay we experienced the 'Light Thingy' which was an amazing fun light show for both adults & kids! Ellie absolutely loved it, especially the fairy doors and spider webs. Such a lovely family activity to do and very different. 

We went on a nature walk, and came across 'Camp Smokey' which was currently closed but glad we got to see it before our long walk. I would highly recommend the nature trail, such a pretty country walk, surrounded by tall trees and streams literally felt like I was in a movie. Remember to bring your wellies, as it did get very muddy! 

We also visited 'Tenby Beach' which was around 30minutes away by car, one of the best beaches I have visited! Loved the little town too with the beautiful pastel coloured buildings and pretty streets surrounded by cute pubs and shops. The beach was gorgeous, we was lucky that it was a lovely sunny dry day too which made it more special. Ellie had the best time chasing the waves as they was coming in and playing in the sand, we also flew the drone, so managed to get some lovely shots, the stopped for lunch and coffee! 

Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool

We went to the 'Blue Lagoon' on our last full day, and we spent hours in there! Its free when you stay at Bluestone & honestly it was such great fun. Ellie had a smile on her face the whole time and loved the wave machine and lazy river as well as us adults. This is a must if you are staying at Bluestone, they also have slides and a little kids pool with balls and hoops for the kids to play with. 

Adventure centre 

As it was raining majority of our stay, the adventure centre was quite busy as its one of the places to go to avoid the rain. So we only managed to visit once but Ellie had a blast on the tree houses and bouncy castle, she let off some energy and also has a mini golf too. They also have baby sensory and messy play, so theres something for everyone! 

Overall, we absolutely LOVED our stay at Bluestone and miss this place so much! We hope to be back very soon to make more amazing memories.