Saturday, 7 September 2013

Review On Winnie The Pooh 'Stary Night' Moses Basket

We finally got the babies moses basket hooray! For months I was looking at every baby store trying to find a decent moses basket but they all looked either cheap or really flimsy! Then I came across this one which I'm so happy with! It's from Babies r us and its the Winnie The Pooh 'Stary Night' range. Its so beautiful even in person and goes perfect with our room decor!

It comes with: Features handles, liner, hood, 3 soft toys, embroidered coverlet, mattress and jersey fitted sheet.

The hood is very sturdy and stays up unlike alot of other ones I have seen. 

It was quite expensive (£74.99) but I think its 100% worth it!

The basket itself is quite large and would last untill the babys about 6months old

Overall I'm very happy with the product and cant wait till shes here so she can start using it

Lots of Love Katie x

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