Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Busy B Travel Wallet

As alot of you know we are going on our first family holiday in June. Yes I know I have said a million times but I am a little excited! :). I have been doing alot of preparing for this holiday especially because I will have a toddler and will be a little more stressful then going baby free! I was on the look out for a organiser that will hold all our important travel documents as I remember all the other times we went aboard I would be spending 10minutes routing through my bag trying to find what I needed. 


I came across this Travel Wallet by a company called 'Busy B' who specialises in beautiful stationery.When Kerri Binnie (the 'B' in Busy B) became a Mum, her previously busy life suddenly became very busy indeed. It was clearly time to get organised. So, being a product designer, Kerri set to work crafting cleverly thought-out solutions to tame the mayhem of modern life. Some of her best selling products are Busy Life Diary, Family Calendar, Couples Calendar, Desktop Calendar, Birthday Card Book, Stylus Pen, Sticky Labels and many, many more! 

 I thought this Travel Wallet was so practical but yet so cute at the same time, I am in love with the Gorgeous chevron pattern which will make it easy to find in my bag.It holds up to 6 passports which is perfect because we are also travelling with Paul's parents so I can be the reasonable adult and look after the whole families passports! (I hope they trust me!) There is also lots of handy storage pockets which is useful for business cards,boarding passes or any tickets. I love that it also has a elastic closure band which keeps everything safe,this travel wallet doesn't just have to be for flying/at the airport, it can be used on long car journeys which would be great for keeping ID,hotel confirmations,maps,insurance cards etc... It retails for £16.99 which I think is a reasonable price because it will last forever, its such good quality and is very smart. Such a brilliant idea to make travelling a little more calm and to stay organised, also would make a great gift if you know someone who loves to travel! I will be defiantly shopping again at Busy B as I have now have my new office I have been eyeing up a few things on my wish list! If you would like to see my wish list then let me know!

Busy B Website - www.busyb.co.uk

15% off your 1st order with code BB15.

 I would love to know how you stay organised when you travel!

Lots of Love
Katie xx

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