Saturday, 2 May 2015

Ellie's Swimming Journey #2&3

Yes, I am abit behind with Ellie's swimming updates and I apologise but we have been so busy lately! I will start with her second lesson, she was quite moody and tired this time when we went and I knew straight away she was going to be hard work! I have learnt to make sure Ellie has a nap before her swimming (as it doesn't start till 1pm) even if its only a 20min sleep it really does help! She was quite a handful this time around but she still managed to crack a few smiles and giggles during the lesson. Her favourite thing she loves is the sing along songs we sing at the start and end of each lesson, it's so much fun I even enjoy it!Nearer the end of the lesson it was time for babies to go underwater, the instructor really talked us all through what was going to happen and how to handle them. I was so nervous as I knew Ellie wouldn't like it as she hates having water in her eyes during bathime let alone going underwater! The instructor told me to tell her 'Ellie we are going for a dive A,B,C....' then she passed her underwater to me and I bought her up from the water, she screamed the place down LOL! All the other babies was pretty good at it but I could tell it wasn't there first time like Ellie. I felt so awful but I knew that it would help Ellie with getting confident with water! The rest of the lesson I was trying to calm Ellie down from crying so much with a little praise and encouragement she finally cracked a smile and joined in with the group with the goodbye song. 

The second lesson, I was so nervous about how Ellie was going to be after her underwater meltdown! I didn't want her to be terrified of the swimming pool or water, but she was absolutely fine! She also had a power nap on the way to the lesson so I think that helped so much and she was all refreshed and ready for some fun! This lesson I noticed Ellie got the hang of kicking and splashing, as soon as I said 'Kick your legs' Or 'Splash,Splash' she would know what to do. I love that the lessons are so fun for the little ones and you go at your child's paste! We learnt a knew song and played with floats, they also wanted to get the little ones to go underwater again which I passed on this time (Yes I know I am a wimp but she was having so much fun I didn't want to see her upset) I was so glad I passed that time as I could see Ellie was so relaxed and really enjoying herself. I am really loving the Konfidence Aqua Nappy, its so easy to put on as it has a adjustable Velcro sash and popper and also will last her until shes around 30months old! I also use the Neo Nappy onto on the other nappy to prevent any accidents happening in the pool and Ellie looks super cute in them! 


Does your child have swimming lessons? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Lots of Love
Katie x

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  1. I have a 4 month old girl and me and her dad take her swimming once a week and she loves the water and doesn't mind it going in her face but I'm afraid to dunk her under incase she screams the place down and doesn't like it, was thinking of starting swimming lessons but wasn't too sure xx