Thursday, 10 September 2015

Playmobil Playologist

 Hello everyone, Ellie has been chosen to be a Playmobil Playologist how exciting! They sent her a few toys to rest out so we can review them and I thought I would share some photos of her enjoying the products in a blog post. If you would like to see the video review & unboxing video click here:

The first toy is Ellie's favourite and has been playing with it so much, it keeps her entertained for ages! Its the Playmobil Take Along Zoo & Aquarium, this retails for £29.99! It has a fish and walrus that float when you add water. The interactive water feature and tiltable blossom are started up by water from the ladle. The tree is by far Ellie's favourite she loves pouring water onto of the tree and watching it fall down to make the flower tilt! It also has a bunch of other zoo animals such as a giraffe,lion and zebra & after playtime you can pack them away and close the case, so you can carry it around anywhere which is a great practical idea keeps everything together! I think this is great for toddlers it teaches them wildlife aswell as sea animals & Ellie loves the bright colours!

You can purchase this toy from the Playmobil Website:

 Ellie also got sent these cute sets, which she loves to include in her take along zoo set, they retail for £3.99!

Farmer with Wheelbarrow

Tractor Set

Girl with Dog


Have you tried any of the Playmobil Toys, whats your favourite? 
Lots of love 
Katie x

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