Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm going to be a mummy!

How we found out I was pregnant

Some of you may know we wasn't planning to have a baby this year, we always spoke about having children but I didn't think I would fall pregnant so quickly but we are over the moon:-D

For a couple of days I was experiencing lots of bloating and I was two days late on my period which never happens!

Paul drove to Tescos and got me a pregnancy test because I knew something wasnt right, we took the test together and waited nervously and about a minute of waiting it was POSITIVE
I couldn't believe it I was very happy but very shocked too 

Four tests later, I'm 100% sure I'm pregnant!
Folic Acid I'm currently taking

He then went to Tescos again lol to get couple more tests and he got me folic acid which I started taking immediately

A couple days later I told my close family & a few friends they were very shocked but delighted

From what I'm going by (from my last period) I'm 7 weeks pregnant but I could be wrong I wont know untill my 12 week scan in May.


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