Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bathroom Cabinet Organsation

Hiya everyone, I bought a new bathroom cabinet the over day as I was short on storage. Now that I'm pregnant I'm trying to get so organized and I have another tallboy cabinet in the bedroom which will be for the baby (baby lotions,medicines etc..) So I went through my stuff and alot of it was bathroom related so I decided to store it in my new cabinet which I love so much! Its from a store called B&M and will leave the link down below if your interested in purchasing it! It's so pratical because it has shelf space for towels,ornaments etc and also a cabinet that closes and you can hide all the clutter. I HATE clutter so I thought this was perfect! In the top half where the shelf's are I keep my towels,hand towels and face cloths I stuck with the theme beige & white as that's the colour of my bathroom. In the cabinet below I stored my hair products,fake tans,perfumes,shavers etc in little trays so organized and doesn't clutter the bathroom up. If your intrested in seeing what I keep in my bathroom cabinet check out the link for the video :D

   Lots of love 
      Katie-Marie x

 A sneak peek of whats inside check my video out for more info!

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