Friday, 3 May 2013

13 Week Pregnancy Update

Hiya everyone,

Sorry I have not been around lately but I have had alot going on with being ill etc...

When I was around 9 weeks pregnant I got a fever and was very poorly for around two weeks, I couldnt move from my bed and on top of that I was pregnant :( I was vomiting,shivering,burning up head headaches and worst of all I lost my appetite. I slowly started to get better but then I had terrible morning sickness (well I'm not sure why its called 'morning' as I had it all day!) 

I missed quite alot of work too but still managed to go in some mornings to catch up but ended up getting sick all over the floor 

My bump is getting so huge and I LOVE it cant wait to feel the baby moving etc.. 

I had my midwife appointment on the 9th April when I was very sick but managed to attend the appointment. She was very nice and helpful she took down all my medical history,blood pressure,weight etc..She tried to take blood from me but she struggled to get any as I was so tensed up (I was petrified of needles! ) So she transferred me to the hospital where I had to give a urine sample and then go for the blood test, again they struggled to get blood but managed to in the end! 

My main symptoms for 12-13 weeks are sore breasts and increasing a cup size which I was very happy about! And morning sickness :( Thankfully I'm over the tiredness now and have alot more energy.

I had my scan on Thursday which was AMAZING it was the best day of my life! I was so excited but very worried at the same time because I havent had a early scan or anything I was just praying the baby was ok. The lady was so nice and friendly and really explained the scan well, she found the baby straight away and it appeared on the screen so quickly and clearly! He/She was moving around so much I couldnt believe how active it was. Me & Paul had massive smiles on our faces our mouths hurt that much. She measured the baby from head to rump and then told me I was 13 weeks today (Friday) so I was measuring a week ahead. She said the baby looks very healthy and everything like the fluid,womb looked ok. Also while she was doing the ultrasound she done a screening test for Down Syndrome which is offered to every expecting mother, she said I was low risk which was good news.  

I cant wait for our next scan (20 weeks) which is on 27th June we are also finding out the gender which we cant wait about! 

After my 12 week scan I had to have another blood test but that went very smoothly and will get the results when I see the midwife next on 31st May 

 12 week scan 
Can you see the little hand so cute
12 week bump

11 week bump 

Check my pregnancy video on Youtube!

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