Saturday, 1 June 2013

Gender Reveal ...

From day one me and my partner Paul wanted to find out the sex of the baby. We really thought it was going to be a boy not sure why but it was stuck in our heads that it was more then likely to be a boy! We was looking at early gender scans and didnt think we would actually be able to get an appointment so quickly! The clinic I went to was called 'MyUltraBaby' and they were amazing really friendly staff and make you feel so relaxed! We got the early gender scan package which included:
Price: £80 Inclusive of well being report, 1 b/w 2D image and 1 b/w 2D Keyring & also a sneak peak of the baby in 3d! 

It was so lovely to see the baby again on the screen and she really took her time looking and exaiming the baby she said he/she looks very healthy and everything seems fine which was nice to hear. 

The baby was in such an awkward position so I had to move around alot so we could get a better photo but mananged to get one in the end! 

At last she could finally see the baby properly and she found out the sex - she was pretty sure it was a 

GIRL !! :-)

We was so happy and shocked as we thought it was a boy and cant wait to start buying pink stuff 

Watch my 16-17 week update where I talk about the scan more 

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