Saturday, 6 July 2013

Baby Shower Planning

I thought I would do a quick post as we are having a baby shower at the end of August. I no thats around 3 months before my due date but I wanted to have the party in the garden as our flat is quite small so hoping the weather will be good, and if I held it in November or October it will probably be snowing lol!

I'm having around 20-30 guests manily close family and friends some of my friends children are coming too!

The theme I have picked is a Vintage tea party & Candy buffet. This means lots of sweets,desserts,cakes :)

I have already sent my invitations and are so happy with them a lady on Ebay personalized them and she does all different range of invites!

 My invitations Thus us where you can order them from!

Party Table Wear!

I have fallen in love with this range of table wear by a company called 'Ginger Ray'
Its the enchanted Rose collection and is perfect for my vintage tea party theme! 
I will be ordering supplies next week here is there website but you can find them online such as eBAY! There so pretty with the roses and swallow and very vintage. 


This is going to be the main focus of the baby shower I love the thought of having unlimited candy for my guest to tuck into! The sweets will also be the guests favours as I'm ordering personalised sweetie bags so before they leave they can fill them up with all the treats! Perfect idea for both adults and kids I mean who does love sweets! 
The sweets are going to be soft pastel coloured so pinks,yellow,white etc.. 
I also have to buy scoops,candy jars/bowls to display them as I think it doesnt look tacky and looks quite pretty! I also love the idea of mix and matching the sweet display holders so have some tea cups,cake stans,glass containers,bowls,square plates etc...
The sweets we are going to buy from wholesalers such as Mackro as we need quite alot. Some sweets we was thinking of are:Flying Sacuers, Marshmellows,Love hearts,Bon Bons, Strawberrys,Sweet Necklaces,White chocolate Snowies,Candy Cones etc...
Here are a few images that have inspired me so hoping mine will look like something like this! 

Accessories for the table

Baby Girls Cake

The main focus of the dessert table is going to be our baby girl's cake we are getting it done by a lady who done my 21st birthday cake. I've ordered a giant cupcake plus cupcakes to go with it, I told her I want sponge cake with buttercream icing and the details to be bows etc. She is also going to write the babies name on the bottom, here are some photos of inspiration that I have sent her.


I'm also doing some other desserts and cakes such as:
Angel slices
French Fancies 
Iced Fingers
Jam Tarts
Jam sandwiches

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  1. This post is drooling! Everything looks delicious here. I have loads of water in my mouth now. This is just amazing! I have also shortlisted event locations like this for my sister’s baby shower. It is a boy! And I am planning to keep everything blue. I got great ideas from this post.