Tuesday, 14 April 2015

At My House Survey Tag!

I really wanted to do this TAG that I saw on Kerry's Blog,Hope you enjoy!
I tag Emily Claire Katie & Liza 

 Household chore I actually enjoy...

This is pretty easy for me got to be my steam mop, I love how easy it is to use and how fast it drys especially when you have toddler running around.If you would like a full review on the H2o mop just let me know!

 Biggest House Disaster...

Toys! I have organised Ellie's toys the best I can and pretty happy with it, except the big toys like her cars, trampoline etc I really don't know where to put them they drive me crazy and take up so much room! For now they are under the stairs but it now means we cant put the buggy and our shoes there.

Before company arrives, I hide...

My worst nightmare is someone turning up to my house and its a mess, I am such a perfectionist that it will bug me for the rest of the day, but ever since I have had Ellie I have learnt that its ok to have a messy house and I need to relax abit more, trust me I used to be really OCD! Back to the question before company arrives I hide the dirty laundry & rubbish, theirs nothing worst then someone using the toilet and theres dirty laundry on the floor or rubbish overflowing in the kitchen!

Most recent music download...

I am not at all embarrassed but I am a massive DISNEY fan, like HUGE! My cleaning song is usually 'Part of your World' from 'The little mermaid' I usually have all the windows open and blast out all the lyrics (My poor neighbours haha) I am also really loving Ed Sheeran's album 'X' downloaded 'Bloodstream' the other week and its a great motivational tune! 

The last thing I bought online...

As Ellie has started swimming lessons, I needed to cover up a little in the pool as I only have Bikini's really, I hate wearing all in one swimming costumes so I thought I would go for a Tankini. This one is from Tescos F&F and was so cheap and I felt so comfortable in it. 

I hate to shop for... 

 Food shopping! I dread when we have to go, I much prefer ordering a food shop online so much easier instead of dragging the toddler out! 

Favorite family ritual...

Watching Disney films when Paul is off work and having plenty of snuggles! 

 I sleep in...

Pjs, I literally live in them, fluffy ones in the winter and vest and short set in the summer! 

I have a style crush on..

I love Michelle Keegan's style, first of all she is beautiful and would love to have her figure! Her style is so simple and girly which is most suited to me.

I am currently reading...

I don't really read books, prefer magazines and my favourite at the moment is Mother & Baby 

How did I ever live without…

My laptop, I honestly don't know what I would do without it! Love Online shopping,Youtube,Blogging,Editing,Twitter & more

Hope you enjoyed this tag, let me know your answers to this too! 

Lots of Love
Katie x


  1. I would like to read a full review of the steam mop :) interested in buying one myself! Xxx

  2. Hey Katie, I found his tag on your blog. I find it interesting and will also do it this week on my blog. Probably Friday. Thanks for Taging anyone 😊

  3. Hey loving your blog Katie! Nice to read what you're up to as well as watching the videos!! Xx