Monday, 13 April 2015

Ellie's Swimming Journey #1

On Friday Ellie had her first swimming lesson with Mini Swimming, I can say she absolutely LOVED it! I was so nervous taking her as she hasn't had any lesson before and we never go swimming much and plus shes a teething pretty bad at the moment! It was so exciting packing her swimming bag and getting all her bits that Konfidence sent us together. If you would like to see what we took with us check my latest vlog out down below! My favourite item which was so useful when she was swimming was both the Aqua & Neo nappies, these were a lifesaver and was so comfortable on her. 

The swimming pool and facilities was so clean which I think is very important and the water was lovely and warm. The lesson was only 30 minutes long which is a great because toddlers can get bored very easily! The swimming instructor was so lovely and made me and Ellie feel so welcomed, we had so much time singing and splashing away. Ellie even jumped in (with the help of me) that was her favourite part, she also loved that her nan and daddy came along and we was very proud of her. The lady who was in the pool with us said in the changing rooms 'Has she had many lessons' I said 'No, its her first lesson' she couldn't believe how calm and confident she was in the water. I cant wait for her upcoming lessons and we are so grateful for Konfidence for letting us take part in this fantastic opportunity. 


Some photos of Ellie before the lesson (Modelling the Konfidence Neo Nappy, The Aqua Nappy was on under) 

Does your child have swimming lessons, if so do you think there worth it? 

Lots of Love
Katie x


  1. She looks so cute! Glad she enjoyed swimming- both my girls love it! xx

  2. She has such a blast Katie, so exicted for the next lesson :) xx