Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My Doodles Review

I recently was contacted by a company called My Doodles which specialises in Children's travel/audio products. I was so pleased with how fast the shipping was and wanted something that my daughter Ellie could use for our holiday this year but also the next few years too! These items will come in handy so much for all the travelling we will do in the next upcoming years and the older she gets the more use will get out of them! My Doodles has proved that travelling doesn't have to be boring, and can actually be a wonderful time for your child, their range of child friendly products are so cute & also useful.

My Doodles Headphones by KS 

How cute are these pink owl headphones for children? I just love them so pretty compared to the average boring plain ones which can be pretty expensive! These headphones retail for only £15.00 on Amazon which I think is an amazing price for what you get. They say for children 3 and over to use them but I think Ellie will be absolutely fine wearing them for short periods of time like the plane listening to her nursery rhymes or an app. 

  • Cute & Girly would make a brilliant gift idea for a child that loves music & pink! (Also comes in different designs) 
  • The headphones came in very bright packaging and were presented nicely in the box, I love that at the back of the box there is also some activities such as word searches,facts and questions such a cool idea for children that get bored easily.
  • The ear cups are soft and comfortable to wear making them suitable for long car/plane journeys 
  • The car cups are also swivel so that the headphones can be easily stored away which proves to be useful when travelling
  • The headband is adjustable so will fit most children's head sizes 
  • The sound quality is also more then adequate, & is sound-limiting so it will not harm your children's ears.
  • They are very lightweight which is great if for a carry on bag or child's backpack.
  • Research has shown that listening to loud music over a long period of time can potentially lead to noise induced hearing loss. These headphones have been engineered so that the level of sound being delivered to the ears does not exceed an average of 85 dB - which is the figure recommended by healthcare professionals. So you can have a great quality listening experience without having to crank the volume up to max. 

    LINK FOR -- Owl Headphones

     My Doodles Character Travel Pillow

    I wish this travel pillow came in an adult size because I am in love with it! Again I love the Owl design super cute & Ellie loves it. She always puts in around her neck when shes chilling at home on the sofa watching Peppa and I cant wait to bring it with us on our travels! It's super easy for the kids to use even my 17 month old knew what to do and wrapped it around her neck without any trouble. It's super comfortable and supports there head on them long journeys, its also very flexible. This travel pillow comes in lots of designs such as Alien,Bee,Owl etc.. This retails for £9.99 on Amazon which I think is a brilliant price for the quality and its super fun for the kids! 

    Lots Of Love
    Katie x

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