Monday, 20 February 2017

Dads Who Play Barbie!

We was so excited when Mattel contacted us to be a part of their 'Dads Who Play Barbie' campaign! Inside the surprise box contained four barbie dolls 'The Vet' 'The Soccer Player' 'Pop Star' & The 'Hairstylist' these are the new 2017 dolls. Ellie was super thrilled with her new goodies that she has for her ever growing Barbie collection. 

Paul and Ellie always have special play times during the week as I think its important for them both which creates a lovely bond. These barbies are from the 'Career' range, which is helping Ellie in role play as she's noticing different roles such as doctors, baker, police officer etc.. When playing with the Barbies they both used their imagination with each of the different Barbies, she especially loves 'The Vet' a she love animal and thats what she wants to be when she's older. 

The campaign is supported by global research finding that strong male advocates empower girls, and that two thirds of UK Dads believe that joining in their daughter’s playtime helps build their self-confidence.

We noticed that one of the Barbies 'Pop Star' was more curvier in shape, which I think is brilliant that Barbie are introducing new shape/sizes of the dolls to show girls that everyone has their own unique body. As Ellie is only three she didn't really notice the difference in body sizes as she's too young to really.

Paul felt more comfortable playing with the 'Career' range reither than the classic girly barbie. Even though Ellie is still at a really young age, she has grasped the concept of different types of job roles and loves making up her own little stories with each of the dolls.

The other aspect of this campaign is obviously how we as dads engage in playing with our daughters. To that end they have a promotional video, with what they say are real dads, playing Barbie with their daughters.

Overall these are a big hit with both Daddy & Daughter, and has built Ellie's confidence and expanded her mind and imagination. 

 We were provided with these dolls by Mattel for the purposes of engaging with the #DadsWhoPlayBarbie campaign. 

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