Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Toddler Meal Ideas #1

Hello Mummy's,
Alot of people have been requesting for me to show what I give Ellie for breakfast,lunch & dinner! I always forget to film as I am so busy cooking or making sure shes settled so I thought it be easier to make blog posts instead! Let me know if you like this sort of post and I would love to hear your toddlers meal ideas. I am so lucky Ellie is such a good eater, this girl LOVES her food! 

These are what we usually give her unless we are eating out! 

Cereal - Cheerios, Frosties, Weetabix, Porridge 
Fruit Platter - (Chopped up banana,oranges,raspberries,apples)
Toast Fingers with butter or soft cheese
Scrambled Egg with Toast or Bread 

Lunch time: 
Plate of steamed veg (ELLIES FAVORITE) carrots,peas,sweetcorn,broccoli etc
Triangle Sandwiches 
  Cheese Nibbles + Tomatoes
Carrot Sticks

Anything me & her dad have she usually has such as:
Roast Dinner with veg
Shepherds Pie with veg
Bangers & Mash with veg
Fish Pie
Chicken Casserole etc......
Pasta Shapes 
Spaghetti Hoops
Chicken Curry
Random Selection - Dippers,Fish Fingers,Smiles with veg or sweetcorn 

 These are just a few meals I took photos of, hoped this helped anyone who is struggling to think of toddler meal ideas! Would love to hear your ideas too!

Lots of Love
Katie x

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